Custom made 4 gauge holder, over radio

Just got mine, it is very, very nice!! The pics don't do justice to your handywork. My car is off the road at the moment, but in the next week or 3 I hope to start re-doing some of the gauges. I will post some pics then.

Thanks for doing these!

(for those on the fence about these, they are really nice and a good deal for the $ he's asking)
Has anyone mounted theirs yet? Any suggestions as to how you mount with minimum or no damage to car but yet secure?

Also has anyone dyed one? Any help on that, like what to use or where to buy dye would help, thanks?
Just use some Velcro to hold it in place.
The easiest way to change the upholstery would be to peal the old one off and then put on a new color. If you send me a sample swatch I will have my upholstery guy do the job. No extra charge.

TURBO BOB, Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you like it.

About 8 months ago i decided to design an over the radio aluminum 4 gauge holder based on an old design i had seen.
I designed it from scratch.
The holes were angled so the gauges aim right at the driver for good visibility.
I brought my design to a company in Fall river MA and had them make the holders.
They then went off to Middleboro MA where they were tig welded then off to Freetown MA where they were painted and finally to Providence RI to be upholstered.
These holders are for a 2 1/16 gauge or possibly a 2 1/8 gauge. I have not test fitted the 2 1/8.
Besides a few flaws in the paint they came out really good.
They are easily mounted with some Velcro and they are light weight.
You will just have to find your own way of securing the gauges in the holder.

There was allot of time and money put into this and i feel i have made a good product for the TR community.
They were all upholstered with the GN grey. If they all sell and i have to make another batch then i will consider upholstering with other colors.

I am asking $135.00 shipped.
22 of these were made

I will accept Paypal or money orders.
Thank You

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I'll take one in GN Grey !
Can you please confirm that you still have one available for me.

Upon confirmation, I will send PayPal Payment.


PayPal Payment sent for (1) custom 4 gauge holder in GN Grey.

If possible, could you please ship as soon as you can.

thank you,


Got it today! Thanks for the quick shipping!

Wow, looks even better than the pictures show.

Can't wait to get it installed.

Thanks Evil.

I am having a few covered in blue with the help of a member on here.
If anyone is interested please let me know. These are being made to order.