D.F.I. , F.A.S.T. on a EVERYDAY driver??


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I'm planning on adding a Turbo to my DAILY driven 89 mustang, I'm afraid of potential problems with the turbo and the MAF, So i'm think rather than spend 400+ on a MAF and another250+ on a FMU, I'd buy either a F.A.S.T. or D.F.I system. My question is are the ECU's reliable enough for daily driving, i live in New England, where weather changes are frequent as well as eratic, will this afect the ECU? With the frequent weather changes will i have to change things in the program to compensate or can i set it up to not be optimized under 1 condition like 70 and no humidity, I drive this car EVERY day rain,snow etc. i've been 12.7 on my snow tire's N/A
I have had Accell DFI Bank to Bank in my 94 Chevy Blazer (LT1) for about 2 years with no problems. You can pick them up in the For Sale section every once in a while for under $750.

I've been using the SpeedPro (now FAST) on my daily-driven car whenever the engine's been in the car, works great under virtually all conditions. I live in Massachusetts. I got my unit about 15 months ago, and the only problem I had was when I inadvertantly submerged the unit- it claims to be waterproof, but it's not quite a perfect seal... pretty close though.

The only thing that I'm not sure about (yet) is how well it will start below 16 degrees F- the tables only go down to 16 degrees, but I assume that below that the unit will keep whatever parameter you've set for 16 degrees.

For the most part, the only things you'll have to even think about are the starting parameters (which should be easy enough to tune for any weather) and the air-temp compensation parameters. Those should be easy enough to tune, so I wouldn't worry about it.

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I'm thinking i might order a Gen VII, anyone else have any experience with aftermarket ecu's on daily drivers????

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I'm thinking i might order a Gen VII, anyone else have any experience with aftermarket ecu's on daily drivers????


Good Luck with the Gen VII. I have seen nothing but problems with them. They have some options that I like over the FAST on a daily driver (AC input, shift light, larger cell width at idle), BUT, everyone I know with one (3 Mustang owners) is having problems with the Wide Band.
I have a few customers with the old DFI and several with FAST, that use them as daily drivers. The FAST allows you to run a little leaner at cruise and stay in close loop. You can do this with DFI, but you will have to go open loop.
I have a bunch of customers with FAST systems in their daily driven vehicles for as long as they have been around with no reported problems. This includes my own car which had a DFI 6.0 in it before that with no problem. With a setup like yours I would recommend using the FAST system because it s wide band O2 option has been tried and trued with very little, if no problems. An option you have to have with a turbocharged vehicle if you want maximum power, reliabilty, and driveabilty. The new DFI Gen VII is too new and has not been proven in any form racing or otherwise. Hell, I finally got my first wide band O2 last week after having been on back order for months. Who knows if it even works properly.
I am in central Mass and have been running the FAST system for almost 3 years. Its been consistant and trouble free, though I do not drive it in the dead of the winter. We have however installed these systems in numerous cars that are driven year round with no issues.
Good luck!