D7 Converter ?


May 25, 2001
As a rule how much tighter were these than the D5? Didn't the D7 come in car with V8 motors? Thanks.
Don't remember exactly but i think that i could barely get to Zero Boost when foot braking the car
it would be pushing at 1200-1300
i had a D-7
YOU WILL HATE IT well i did
i couldn't even do a burn-out and the boost wouldn't come in til about 25-30 MPH

the only good things about a stock D-7
1-it was great on gas
2-the tires would last for ever
3-you would never loose traction OFF the line.
4-You would never over boost or boost at all in first gear.
When I pulled my old converter out I found that it was a D7. That thing was a turd off the line, it sure did mph good though :rolleyes:

Swapped in a 3000 converter and suddenly it could leave the line hard...
D7 Turd! Thanks Guys.

The car was towed here with all sorts of engine and transmission problems so I didn't drive it. The guy that bought it got very few miles before his ride ended. I discovered the D7 when I pulled the tranny.
Thanks guys. I have a nice D5 here but would like to see him go with a hi stall to better match his engine up grades.
As always Thanks Guys.
90% of the D7 converters are rated at a 1635 stall at the highest. Most are 1525 stall. Some have been reworked to D5 "specs" but they don't quite make it as a 2025 stall like the D5's do.