Dale Earnhardt Sr fans check in

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
The Dale movie is on CMT tonite at 8PM EST. There is also a 1 hour preview show hosted by Brooks and Dunn at 7PM
thanks for the reminder. I had forgot. My kids would have probably had it on sponge bob or something. (not that I know who he is or anything)
Saw it at the theater in March (Was a special showing when NASCAR ran here in Vegas) It was good. I think I'll record it. Thanks for the heads up.
I saw it back in Feb. during Daytona.

You know somebody needs to sit Teresa Earnhardt and that jerk off Brian France down and stuff this movie down thier throats. I bet Dale is turning over in his grave after the crap those two have pulled in the last year. Makes you wonder what Dale would have thought about Jr racing for another team while TE singlehandly dismantles the team he built from the ground up. France for changing the rules during a race. Lets see him call a caution while the old man was leading a race.

One thing is for sure. Dale Sr would have never been fined for saying a F-bomb like Stewart and Jr have. In all the races I listened to on the scanner I cant recall ever hearing him say that word. Now I have heard him cuss like a sailor. But than we all do.:cool: