Dallas area wrecking yards

with 81-87 Regals?

That is getting harder and harder to find! There use to be a lot of Regals out on 310 (old 75) going south of downtown Dallas. Between Hwy 175 and I-20 there are a lot of salvage yards to many to count. Al's pick you part had a few but that has been a few years ago. The last time I was out there it mostly FWD cars from the 90's.

There have been salavge yards in that area since the 50's but most of the older ones are gone. Most of the older cars get crushed after awhile. There gets to be not much left on them and the demand for parts on them slows down so off to the crusher :( they go.
There are several in FT Worth but you have to call. Mansfield highway, elliot reader road, and a few off rosedale. Last year I found one off rosedale that had 6 regals and I had a ball. Haven't been back since but they had some of the older stuff and haven't cleared stuff in a while.