dash lights!!!


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Sep 23, 2007
I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My dash lights and taillights quit working, it had a bad fuse. Changed the fuse and taillights work but no dash lights. Installed a new dimmer switch. problem fixed for a couple days, but lastnight I lost both again. The fuse was blown. chaned it and I have taillights but no dash lights. thank you for replies.
You probably have a short in the dash lamp circuit.

Usually it's the console light wire broken off and shorting out on the shifter metal.

Could also be any of the other gray lamp wires on that circuit like the ashtray lamp, radio night illumination, or another problem area is aftermarket gauge light wiring that wasn't done right.

The 20A tail lamp fuse powers the 5A dash lamp fuse.

Check them both for proper dash lamp operation.

Assuming 1987 vehicle here, I think the 86's are the same as well.