Dash project--group buy with metric speedo/odo


Aug 14, 2010
Here is an opportunity to update your dash with new technology. These gauge group buy was very successful for the first group....checking with the company they will make them with a metric speedometer and odometer for us canadian types.....attached is the info

At the request of some Turbo Regal owners another group buy for the NVU dash cluster was requested.
This one has a twist...for those that live in metric countries a speedometer in Kph will be made.
If you live in the USA your speedometer will be MPH (unless you want the metric...)
Anyway we need about 3-4 guys to request the metric and and any number of USA guys to add to those.
So the order will be placed on June 1 2014.

Here is a link to the original posts:
Installation chat:
Original concept post (information has changed since production)