dAT file upload for review


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Dec 6, 2009
I'm getting some knock retard and would like some advice. How do you upload a dat file to this site?
zip it ('send to' a compressed folder) then upload the zip file. (I'm not sure .dat files are set up on this board)

some guys just rename the file with a .zip extension, which works, but be sure to mention this when you post it.

Thanks, new engine build and new to these cars. Just want a safe baseline. I found the upload link.


  • 12182012.002.dat
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You need to make a pull in third gear. Get it up to around 50mph and just ease into WOT. It's hard to see what you are doing in this log. I did see 10 degrees of knock. How much boost are you running? Your tune right now is most likely not good. Turn down the boost and let us see a WOT log. What wideband are you using?
Wideband is from AEM. I have a HD wastegate so boost is at lowest setting of about 19. Rained all day today, once weather clears I'll do more logging like you suggest.
Thanks I apprecieate the advice.