Dates for Bristol... Spring 2006!!

What dates work best?!?!?!

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Please show your opinion on the dates listed above for the poll. We're going to give it approx. 1-week and then make the final decision. We need to get this underway and also get in contact with some hotels for rates. The hope is to line up enough rooms at one hotel where we all can stay... If possible.

I'm going no matter what date.

I'm going, It don't really matter what date it is. But i would rather go with someone that way if i needed help or the person or persons that i was with needed help we would have plenty of help.
opeltwinturbo said:
Please explain what is going to be taking place.


It's just a bunch of us Carolina guys wanting to get together at a good 1/4mi. track to do some test-n-tune, hang'n out, good times, getting away from our normal local 1/8mi. tracks. Bristol is as nice a place as any for us to do this without having to travel too far. It's approx. 3-hours from the Charlotte, NC area.

The plan is to make it to the track sometime Friday morning/afternoon and make it to the track's t-n-t session for Friday night. Hopefully we can all get a room at the same hotel where we can hang-out in the parking lot that night for some B.S.'ing. And then compete in the bracket classes at the track Saturday.

Just some good time fun!! :biggrin: