David's in the Hospital again..

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Below is a copy of an update that was posted in the other David Newton thread by Wayne Turner(Thanks Wayne)...I just thought to put it under a new heading so all would see it quickly & know that he's back in again.


Geoff called me tonight. Evidently David had to return back to the ER for bleeding again. I will call tomorrow morning to get a clear/accurate update and post when I get this information.What I did get was he would be transfered to Baylor Dallas on Monday to have a surgical precedure done to stabilize his condition if the bleeding continues. Hes having to take on more blood due to the loss. Keep those well wishes and prayers coming folks!
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Again, thanks Wayne for the update!! I really hope that the doctor's fix him up quickly & for good this time...I know it's been tough on his family & all of us that care about him to see him go through this ordeal..If I or any of you hear anything else, please post it.

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Hey guys, S'me again. ;) They told us today that they will probably transfer him to Baylor of Dallas tomorrow. Right now in Baylor of Garland he's back in ICU in room #217. My mom is their incase you need anything(214-769-1874) They said the procedure they will perform will be where they are gonna basically cut out the artery and clamp it off so it wont bleed again and they hope that will fix it. I'll keep ya updated tomorrow.

How was the turnout for the dyno event? I didn't get to go cause I got home at 4:30 a.m. last night. :frown:
Hey Geoff, thanks for the update, I hope the surgery goes great, I know everyone is keeping him in their thoughts & prayers.
I didn't get to go to Dyno Day either...had to work, but I heard less than 10 members made it out there, so they got to have all the pulls they wanted.. :) They even had food & drinks this year!!!
Anyways, keep us posted about your Dad & hopefully I'll get up there to see him this time BEFORE he checks out....lol.

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Well, I don't know if he is going to be transferred today or tomorrow. You'd have to call my mom to find out.(214-769-1874) She spent the night up their again so I havent seen her since yesterday morning. She called me late last night though and she said that he was still knocked out from all the sedatives and pain killers and that he was doing fine. So I hope the surgery goes well and everything works out!
I heard that David had surgery today & all went great!! He'll be in the hospital for only a couple more days.... :)

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I've been out of pocket for the last couple of days. Heard David was back in the hospital at the dyno event Saturday. :frown:

We just aren't praying hard enough for David and his family. If we were, he wouldn't be back in the hospital! :mad: :eek: ;)

David needs to get better soon so I can tag along after he and Geoff at all the events! :wink:

Hey guys, his surgery went well and he's recovering well. If you wanna visit him he is in Doctor's Hospital on Garland Road and Buckner. He is in room 202 and the visiting hours are:


He'll be their for a couple more days if you want to visit him. Thanks for all your prayers... :smile:

The doctors also said he can't do anything for 4-6 weeks after he gets out.
He's now in a regular room. He is in room 309 at Doctors Hospital, if you want to visit him my mom will be their all day. 214-769-1874 or 214-629-7429, he's doing much better. :)