Deatschwerks 301-S pump + install kit

John Larkin

Sublime Master of Turbology
May 25, 2001
I just pulled this out of my car 2 days ago for an upgrade and working like new. No issues other than the case finish is gone due to being used. You can still faintly read Deatsch and DW300 on it. Pump is 5 years old and I left the multi-fuel hose clamped onto it. Steady diet of E85 and always immersed in fuel. The "S" is the smooth bottom version. It sits in the stock-style hanger best. I re-engineered the sock mounting. The stock way puts the sock at a further 90° angle outward from the pump. I turned it underneath the pump and used a clamp + machine screw to hold it in place. This way installs much easier than OEM. I will remove the sock for shipping but the photo shows how it mounts.

$90 shipped USPS 2-day shipping in the continental US. I am including the harness pigtail, grease, hose, clamps and an extra brand new NAPA tank lock ring + two O-rings.



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