Decoding " GN " Please help me buy this car

Javier Rivera

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Feb 25, 2018
Hi guys ,I am looking at this 87 "GN " still not sure ,I am new and want to become a a full member to Buick family if I get the approval of Buick experts ,The car is for sale and I need help decoding if it is a real GN or not ,Thanks


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I'm no pro on deciphering rpo codes but whatever that is it didn't come with a turbo 3.8. You would see lc2 in rpo
looks like a base regal rpo sticker
decklid may have been changed ...
does the rpo vin match dash vin ? if it does its not a gn

the dash vin needs you have a "7" for the eighth digit to be a turbo regal. 7 indicates the LC2 turbo engine
if it has a 7 then you need to look at cowl tag for interior codes to determine if its a GN or a turbo T
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Eighth digit needs to be a 7 for it to have a factory turbo engine. This is for '86 & '87 MYs.

I will call this guy and ask him for the dash vin ,wow guys this Buick GN cars really got a bible on them ,it is a pleasure starting to learn about this real modern Muscle cars .hats off
Like the other guys said that is not a gn for sure. Do you have any engine bay pics?
That vin tells me that the car is an 87 Regal Limited, NON TURBO. It is NOT a Grand National! Just to make sure I looked it up, there's no doubt. Non Turbo, regular Regal Limited with a 2 barrel V6. BEWARE!!
What they said about it being a NON-turbo factory Regal. From the factory it was a 3.8l NA Regal, about as slow as molasses in the Winter.

Wow Thanks Guys, it is a Pleasure to unmask this not real GN .I got a lot of respect to all GN serius owners ,I hope in a near future become a proud GN owner,Thanks
I saw one last year, local to me. The guy was trying to pass it off as a GN. He didn't like it when I told him that it was NOT a real GN. I believe to this day that he truly believed that it was a real GN. Glad we were able to help. Just remember these two things and you won't get burned. A REAL GN will have both the "LC2" AND "WE2" codes on the trunk label! Just make sure the vin from the dash and SPID label match. Good luck on your quest and remember you can always ask questions here. Also, I highly suggest that you post here and seek out a local member when looking at a GN or Turbo Regal. Most guys here are more then willing to look at a car with you, as it's always better to have two sets of eyes looking at a vehicle anyways!