Differental unit cross pin and other questions

michael evans

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Feb 27, 2008
I am adding C-clip elimators to the rear end and never done so with a regular differential. Should I reinstall the cross pin after the axels are installed ?
to late to turn back now.........

Should I bevel the aluminum block or cut the backing plate to get it to sit flat on the rear end ?
It needs to sit flat, I beveled the block.

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as he said you cant just bolt them down , the upper corners need to be clearanced , you can grind the upper corners of the backer plate or i like to just knock off the corners from the eliminator up to the bolt threads .
if you used street axles with c-clip ends you may need to cut the clip button ends off to get the cross pin in
on the mosers i like to use studs in them (3/8-16) rather than the bolts they supply and right stuff rtv not silicone
Right stuff to seal that's for damn sure

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if running the s10 wheel cylinders , i also grind out the top of the eliminator for room for the parking brake bar (plate)