Digital dash lighting problem

paul kolacki

New Member
Digital dash lights (fuel, speedometer, odometer) go out when headlights are turned on. They work when switch is off or when just parking lights section is depressed. When headlight switch is poushed all the way, lights go out. Casper checked out Cluster which appears ok. Light and dimmer switches
replaced to no avail. Radio does not dim either when dimmer switch is activated. Replaed radio-any connection?
same thing here and I am really wanted to get this repaired and behind me. I have a digital dash and it blows the fuse when the headlights are turned on. Everything work except the dash lights. Got it to work once and as soon as I turned in to the parking lot it popped the fuse. Please some let us know where to look. I already checked the shifter light wire and it is not grounded anywhere.