Dimmer wire


G-body enthusiast
May 25, 2001
How is this option controlled on aftermarket radio's and do our G-body's have the wire built in to the wiring harness (if so, what colour?). I would like to have this working since the display is too bright and distorted at night on my Alpine deck (you can see the unlit areas). If the wire is not there from the factory will splicing in to the parking lights make it work or is it some kind of other signal that it needs?

Thanks in advance.
from 1988 MCSS Shop Manual

From my experience, having 2 Monte SS's of my own (86 & 87) and working on an 85 SS every now and then and double checking with my shop manual the Dimmer Wire is Gray.

If your radio has a contrast control, you might also want to look into adjusting that too.

and I do miss having a Monte SS. Maybe someday I'll have one with a destroked 362 and twin-turboed ;)