Do G-Body frames have VIN numbers?

El Corvino

Dec 18, 2007
I was thinking of while the body is getting resto, I could pick up a frame for a few hundred and have it soda blasted/powder coated/have a completely redone rolling chassis and drop the fresh body onto that. Kind of a kill 2 birds with 1 stone. But I don't want to kick myself in the ass 20 years from now with a non-numbers matching car because of convenience. I found this the easiest way on my El Camino G-Body build and was thinking the same thing for this - didn't care about numbers matching on an El Camino, but an 87 GN is a littttle different. I know the motor, tranny, and a ton of body panels have the VIN number on them and this is looked for (on older numbers matching cars), not sure about our 80's G-Body platforms.
Yes they do. Passenger side frame rail near the front by the door on the top side
Or aside from a GNX, is numbers matching frame now and always going to be rather irrelevant on our GN's, unless low miles and 100% stock?
Only way you can check for the VIN is with the body removed. There is no way to see it with the body installed. I couldn't find mine until after I had the frame media blasted.
you could still get a different frame to put the body on while it gets done and make your stock frame all pretty while the body is off in paint jail..
I already did a G-body frame off build once. I just went to take a look myself about boxing the frame rails and when I saw the original welds, asked everything get re-enforced. lol
My 86 T has the VIN stamped on the dr side,rear cross member flange, above the upper cont. arm box.