Do i find the wierd stuff or what!!!


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Ive never seen a 25500153 block that didnt have cross bolted front and rear mains before;) I bought this block as a dooner for a friend that needs a piece of pan rail..

I bought this one because its a 4.010 bore and its has been repaired but they did a nice job:) The cylinder bases are not hurt and the regiesters are tight..I just cant say no to good S2 deals. I tell ya i need help;) Im getting one more block,crank and heads from this guy and i swear im done digging up these S2 parts..
Got 2 on-center ones without cross drilled mains. It is basically just like the late release off-center blocks. I like them because I can use the internal pickup, and not have to put the Dutweiler pump on. Still got one of those brand new in the box.
s2 motors

Hell, I don't know what you want Stage Motors for. You went 990's on a stock block.

Unless the machined surfaces are too far gone on the first bock,I would sleeve it and make a piece out of steel to braze in for the second block.Now you've got two good blocks.:) You can thank me later,big guy.
If I had to guess what the heads were, I would say experimental aluminum production heads.

No 14 bolt configuration, and never planned to.

Nothing that is a big deal, just a piece of history.

Cool stuff though.

I'd like a set of the 14 bolt stage I heads.