Factory welded ported headers , Passenger setup for external WG


Jun 6, 2007

Im selling this as set or can break them up.If you purchase the whole set Ill throw in a well ported spare driver that needs a leak repaired

I bought a 2nd driver side($$) , got the cracks tig welded ($$) , ports also welded in order to hold port job
I then replaced it and didnt fix the original ported one that has a slight leak

Passenger side has also been ported to match the Felpro 1400 gasket and set up for an external wastegate and has a stainless tube with vband (tial 44 or precision 46 mm both work) welded on. I ported the hole inside to match the 1.75 inch pipe to maximize flow.

Im in the process of pulling the engine/trans out of the car so its pending some pics. heres a quick vid you see it as it sits right now and a pic when it was recirculating back into the dp.Stock crossover pipe included . Shipping is not included.

Whole deal with good driver header, leaky driver header, crossover, passenger side header : $255 OBO
I think i got about 160 wrapped up in the driver side alone with the recent purchase,welding and porting if this is high let me know not sure where this maybe

I will have more pics hopefully by next week as time permits to pull parts off.
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