Do I have a shift kit......?


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Hi guys,

I put a BRF code 200r4 in my '66 Skylark and used the Bowtie OD kit for TV and lockup. The TV was set up per the BTO instructions and pressure test looked OK. The trans shifts real firm, which I don't mind, but it seems to hold 1st and 2nd gear too long under normal driving. It won't shift until 2500 rpm or so in both gears unless I back off the throttle. WOT shifts are around 5500rpm and are nice and firm. The car will bark the tires hard on the 1-2 shift under half or more throttle. I'm using the stock D-5 convertor.

Does this sound like a shift kit has been installed in this tranny? I bought it off another board member here and there was no mention of a shift kit. Or do I need to adjust the TV some more?

Thanks in advance!