does any one know?



does anyone know or have done an independent rear suspension conversion to their g-bodies? Just something that pondered me.
We are doing it now. We are using rear clip from viper it can handle plenty O power and with some upgrades it can handle CRAZY POWER ! We have one that runs 9's.

We are setting up this 87 GN to dominate road courses and road races. We will campaign it hard and should have min breakage / wear due to the superior step by step planing and execution techniques that we utilize.

We build them - we beat them - we win them

Using 6 speed and Tilton triple disc carbon carbon clutch on alum flywheel with TA alum block and twin turbo set up, which we will fabricate.

Check out our thread :

ultimate pro touring GN
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This is a record tmk 12/19/01

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