does anybody here work with fuel cells


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Oct 7, 2002
hi my name is Tim and i'm doing my senior project on fuel cells the ones that gen. eletricity. i was wondering if anybody on here works with them because i need an interview for my paper witch is due buy mon or i fail. i already had one but my mom somehow deleted it off of aol so i'm now struggiling to get another one buy mon. if anybody could please help me out i would greatly appreciate it thank you. the two questions are

What do you believe is in the future of fuel cells?
What are the benefits of using fuel cells?

if someone that works with fuel cells could you please answer these questions it would hlep me out so much you don't iven know thank you very much

The owner of this board is a battery gewru - may want to contact WE4 here..

Supposedly (right) has a battery in the works w/NASCAR.. :rolleyes: