Does anyone have a cam stock cam that isn't wiped?


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All this wiped cam stuff is scaring the hell out me seemslike
everyone has a wiped cam lobe stock and aftermarket any stockers last long?
my car has 132k miles on it runs fine i do get the wot popping only on 91 octane when i put 110 octane and boost at 20 lbs i get no popping but i do get popping at 14 psi with 91 octane?My maf readings go to 255 when i am at #20 psi 110 octane mods are kn,3inch single exhaust ported elbow,race chip only on 110 28 degrees timing in all gears,alky inject,dut neck,replaced valve springs with factory trw replacements at 100k,still need to replace timing chain.If your cam lobe was gone #3 or any other lobe would your maf go to 255 or do i need to just pull my valve covers off again and check,i am getting ready to spend lots$ on more bolt ons but i want to get this cam stuff cleared up any other symtoms of bad cams/wiped i would like to hear about em