Does Kenne Bell still offer intercoolers?


Does Kenne bell still offer hot air intercoolers? Someone told me turbomotion makes em? Do they have a website?
Good question. I know the plumbing is 2.5" and the adaptors look much better than the Spearco setup. It seems like I remember that you had to convert to an electric fan for the KB unit. It was basically one of the old school Big Boy intercoolers for the IC cars. Kind of small by todays standards but will still take you to the 10s.
no they don't.when i was shopping for an intercooler(years ago)i called them to find out about their i/c and was told by jim bell himself(a$$hole)that they never actually produced any,they just built a few was in their catalog,and the "poor man's gnx" had one tho...

so it's spearco or t/m or homemade.if i was gonna start from scratch i'd buy a used pte or cas front mount and adapt it to a t/m intake.

I bought about 3500.00 of parts from them and was looking for an intercooler also..but like you said made a few but never worked out..and calling their tech line was like pulling teeth along with this old rude SOB........I wouldn't buy squat if I had to do all over again just because of that situation.....if you are listening KB..!!!!! You might weed that problem out...not smart business...!!!