Does not always want to downshift to 1st

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I just purchased a stage motor and want to go to a TH400. I had my tranny rebuilt by a very reputable TR tranny guy. Every hardened part. Parts were 1k alone. The total on the tranny was $1900. After i received the tranny I had a local TR guy do the stage right TB, and the shift kit rather than just have the tranny guy do it.

When i first installed the tranny i noticed it wouldn't always downshift into 1st, so i drove it around a little, then after about 50 miles all was fine. I continued to drive the car around another 500 miles in the beginning of summer, then parked it till fall to do some mods on the car. When i went to drive it again it would not always downshift into 1st again. I called around and someone said something about installing a new high pressure valve. They gave me the part #, it was like $5 and i installed it but to no avail.

It always drops down to first the first couple of times when driving, but after that it is a crapshoot. If i manually drop it down to 1st (trans brake mode) and then shift back up to drive (at a red light of course) it will always start off in 1st.

The transmission shifts great. This is my only problem with it, and i don't want to sell it to someone if its doing this.Its got less than 1k on it and less than 600 miles on the convertor. The trans brake has only been used 3 times and that has been in the last 100 miles and only a 5# launch each time. I am getting ready to do a complete freshen up on it if i can't come up with another solution