Does the ATR DS header match EXACTLY with a stock one's exit?


I'd like to get the ATR DS header but it must match the stock one exactly at the point in space where it exits. Who's bought just the DS header and used it with the stock crossover? Keep in mind, you can't manipulate the crossover by loosening and slightly re-arranging the PS connection either. The booger must be right on.

Is it?


I had issues with this myself... ended up ovaling the ds header tightening it so much to try to get to seal for any duration of time.

The best thing to do.. I think is to replace the crossover too or just cutting and lengthing/shorten as needed.. I know it's just barely off.. but will cause more problems later.

Same here i had on and hte flange was not deep enough and ovalled out and it never sealed well.,I think if you cut the weld on hte flange and moved it up a hair it would work good then