Does this sound like a rod knock? *video*


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Dec 2, 2004
Had someone bring me this car. The owner has no history on this car, he just bought it not running. Looks like it hasn't run for many years. I changed the oil and finally got it to run. It runs but don't sound good at all. I think it has a rod knock. Can't hear it at idle but you can when you give it gas. Looks like someone did a head gasket job on it. Has head studs and a multi layer gasket. Someone probably popped it good and filled the crank case with antifreeze.

Anyways, here's the video. Not much to look at but I think the audio does what it needs to.

Ignore the bad exhaust leak at idle.
Sounds like a rod knock. Either that or the crank is thrusting around and counterweights are hitting stuff
I dont really see the crank moving back and forth, but it probably dont need to move much. I think it is toast.
I had a cracked flywheel once that sounded just like that only under load. Worth looking into at least. But more than likely a rod knock.
I think if you keep reving it like that, the problem will show itself!.......I vote rod knock!
Ooh Me!!! Ooh Me!!!! (with hand raised)...... it's a diesel?


sounds like a rod to me.... better tear it down and fix it before it spins a bearing.....if it hadn't already....