Double Pumpers...ATR vs XP



Can somebody tell me which double pumper is better and what are the differences between the two.....

Most will say Red's. Supposedly his coupler that joins the two pumps together is a little less restrictive than ATR's. I have the ATR setup in my car and it was a drop in no brainer install. Also the ATR setup comes with a second pump indicator light which from what I am told Red's doesn't. Can't go wrong with either IMHO.
I like ATR's....comes with a new bracket (you have to send your old bracket to Red ) all the new wiring comes with ATRs also... I have also used both :) ...
Red's now comes with new wiring and a new fuel pump hanger...

How much does the ATR cost? I just got a price sheet from Red and his is $450:eek:
I checked with ATR a while ago and they were 499.99. I am going to hold out for Jack@ racetronics.....
I would be very surprised if either Red or ATR will sell you the hanger and wiring without the pumps

good luck......
Originally posted by Scott4DMny
Where can I contact this RED guy?


Red Armstrong (Quad Air)
7161 Fitch Road
Olmstead OH 44138
(440) 235-3232

Woody I can tell you ATR won't sell you and incomplete setup (minus pumps). I already asked. Price was $499.
Reds - Top quality, excellent to deal with and top notch customer service.

ATR - The quality may be ok but they have the absolute worst customer service. If you have any problem with it, it will definetly be how you installed it or something else you did wrong.

ATR will sell you just the wiring harness. I just called the other day. It is around $80.