Down Pipe? Test Pipe?


Tubo Boy

Whats the differance between the down pipe and test pipe?, What do you guys do who have to pass emisions? Pipe with gutted cat and put the stock one on for emmissions?

the DOWN pipe goes from the exhaust side of the turbo to the beginning of the exhuast - either the catalytic convertor or the "TEST" pipe. the test pipe or sometimes referred to as a "cutout" which can start at the bottom of the down pipe and connects to the rest of the exhaust. the test pipe allows you to "uncork" the rest of your exhaust so it doesn't have to run through muffler(s). some cars with certain setups will run faster this way. HTH...

pass emmissions? what's that? ha...yes, you can do that but it's a pain ...good thing it only has to be done once a year. :D

John C.
LedSLED Motorsports