Driver side tire rubbing on inner fender


Oct 24, 2010
On my recently purchased GN I have some pretty nasty rubbing that was already worn through the plastic inner fender. Occurs when turning wheel hard to the left. Tires are std chrome GN wheels with 215/65-15's, w/ no spacers. I removed inner fender bolts and pulled the lower part of inner out to check. It seems that the inner is protruding out too much. Also noticed the park brake cable is forced out against the inner and is also contacting the wheel on hard left hand turns.

Any ideas? Is this an issue with GN's?

Shouldn't be an issue with any GN on stock springs with stock rims/sized tires. You sure it doesn't have drop springs or drop spindles on it? I don't have my GN near by to check the parking brake cable, but it seems that the cable isn't in the correct spot or routed correctly.
A little confused parking brake cable is in the back away from the wheels. I had my whole front clip off and the only cable near the inner fender was the hood release. If your wheel is rubbing check your wheel base. Go to the passangerside of the car and mesure from center cap to center cap. I believe the wheel base was 107" now measure your driverside. You might have an alignment issue or just some really beat front springs.
here is my thought on the issue

I experienced this myself on a GN I almost bought several years ago.

turn wheels one way they rubbed other way did was not on the frame bet is take it to a bodyshop have them put it on a frame rack and see if the car was wacked at one time

A body shop shold be able to figure out where the issue is providing like you claim all wheels and tires are the same size and springs are the same left to rite etc.

good luck
Fixed the problem. The inner had warped and the bottom was sticking out much more than the pass side. Ended up tapping a screw w/ ferrel into the frame. No more rubbing!!