Drivers marker lens, black trim


11 Second V6
Looking to buy a good driver quality or better drivers side marker lens with the black trim. Back in '02 I replaced passenger side with OEM (Still inexpensive at that time) and I should have bought the drivers then, but the car hasn't spent much time outside so that new lens is not faded too much. Not looking to spend a fortune either:D
I don't even mind if the black is faded, just as long as the amber is still good and the clear isn't cloudy:D
I have a driver quality lens, clear/amber part is good, black around it is a little rough. Painted with incorrect gloss black by person that owned the car this came from. Could be scuffed & repainted correct satin black. Upper corner chipped off. $30 shipped, will accept Paypal @ no extra charge.


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Lets try one more time.

Mike, If you still have yours let me know, I never got the notification you posted:frown: