Drivers Side Ehaust Manifold

My D/S exhaust manifold is leaking any help would be great.


87 Turbo-T

You'll have to get that welded. It's a very common problem. Make sure you take it to someone competent. Also, you can send it to Jack Cotton. He does a great job welding them up.

You don't happen to know how much Jack charges to do that?

I don't know. When I first bought my car mine was broken too. At that time he was doing exchanges - he sends you a repaired one, you send your busted one. That repaired header lasted 8 years, which is awesome. Last I spoke to him about it (last year) he said there aren't enough around to do exchanges anymore but if I sent it in he could repair it. I had it repaired locally instead. Huge mistake. They destroyed it. I think it's worth it to send it to someone who has experience with them.