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Ok i'm trying lap top #2 its a older toshiba.
now i hook it up and with the key off it all come on,
start the car and scanmaster starts showing knock, and the Ds is doing the same, so i play with the ribbon in all the waym and then work my way back out slowly, no avail, still getting knock, and now it shows the ol time out message ...
i tried switching from standard to bi directional, no difference.
should i try a newer lap top, i have a chance at trading the toshipa for a ibm p133 i believe?
You actually can get knock when starting the car.

If it continues to show knock after it is running that's a different problem.
yep knock while running anywhere from .2 - 30 just all over the place.
while the other readings dont do anything all zero's, hmmm
I really hate Direct Scan!!!!
ok i cleaned all the contacts again, reinstalled ds,
now with the key on and engine off, what if any readings should i see?
why would i get all a few erratic readings while the rest dont doanything?motor runing
i'm also getting trouble code 51 e prom error. only on ds not on scan master..
I know one thing about some Toshibas, they need that little adapter that is an option. I think there's a list of laptops on the DS web site about which laptops cause problems.
Thanks dave, i was on the ds site and saw a few on the list, according to that site the new versions come with the "special" adapter. i belive it was version 1.51.
Well i traded in the toshiba and now have a ibm thinkpad, i hope this one works out for me..