Revolution X 210/215 ROLLER CAM KIT brand NEW only touched for pictures


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Apr 16, 2004
I have a brand new never touched let alone installed 210/215 Rev X roller cam kit from Full throttle. I was going one direction and was looking for the best fast street cam I could find and after a ton of research came to this as my conclusion. The 210/215 is just perfect in my mind and I have seen it work very well in person. Plans change and now I am offering this up for sale. My loss, your gain, you all get it.

This comes with the Cam, Standard Morel lifters, Pac 1219 beehive springs, retainers, locks, the adjustable roller cam button. I do have the cam card as well. I do not currently have the pushrods, Full throttle insists on measuring the pushrods after install and then sends them separately. I don't disagree with this policy it just adds one step. With that said I will provide the Pushrods either as included to me through Full throttle or I will purchase them myself for you. They provide Trend 5/16 .080 Chromoly in .050 increments, I will do the same if I have to buy them. Either way you end up with a complete kit.

It ends up costing about $1020 with shipping new. I think this should move pretty quick at $900 shipped (lower 48, shipped slowly and cheaply) Remember that will include the pushrods. If it helps your piece of mind I will sell the kit minus the pushrods for $100 less and then take the additional $100 as a separate transaction when I get the pushrods, of course paid before I send them. I don't see this as much different but I don't want anyone worrying about the darn pushrods not being included right off the bat. Of course you are responsible for guessing the right length or measuring the correct length if doing it after assembly.

I am open to good offers and will answer any qustions not addressed above. Personal email is the best way with the site still not notifying properly, Paypal as a gift when we get there.


Here is their listing
210/215: "Revolution XR2" Roller Camshaft - Our latest design of roller profile for use with newer high flow turbos.


  • Intake 210 @ .050 .516 Lift / Exhaust 215 @ .050 .516 Lift
  • 110 L/S (installs at 110)
  • .516 Lift with Stock Rockers
  • Best stock replacment cam with 3000+ converter
  • Noticiable idle and great drivability.
  • STRONG midrange power


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Considering how hard it has been lately to find a roller cam in stock, this should sell quickly. Glws.

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Mmm think of those aggressive cam lobes, that noticable idle, no cam lobe worries.

Thanks for the kind words, back to the top.