DS screen size


The Green BEAST
I down loaded the program to see how it displays before I run out and get it. Is there a way to make the dial screen larger even under low settings is still kinda hard to read some of the numbers. By the way Its a HP 800CT with a tiff screen. Its not using the whole screen. seems to have about 1 1/2 more room.
Everything else it pretty good.

Thanks for any imput.
Do you have it running in a window ??? When mine loads up on either the PC or my laptop, it's full screen and I can shrink it by using alt+enter...If it's in a window, you should be able to maximize it.. Try hitting ALT+Enter and see if it goes full screen...
The comand worked

but its still the same size. I thought there might be a comand line to make the screen for the dails bigger. I checked it again its about an 1" that I am not able to use. I would like it to fill the whole screen up. Has any one else had this same thing happen?