Dual fan adapter question


Buick Diecast Nut
Jan 21, 2002
Does anyone know who makes the adapters
for the Ramchargers style fans?

Not the wiring harness upgrade kits like Racetronix
and Caspers sells...but the GM Buick adapter that
came with your Ramchargers fan (if you ordered it with
the adapter of course) to plug directly into your harness.

The reason I'm asking is I've found the dual fan but can't
locate the adapter and I don't want to cut up any wiring.

Can anyone help me out...or even supply a good picture of
what the adapter looks like?

Thanks in advance,
Do I really need a harness?

Okay....I know there's alot of people using the Ramchargers fans...
My condensed question is:

Do you have to have the Buick GM adapter or wiring harness that
came with the RC dual fan setup, or will the Racetronix and/or Caspers
harness do the same thing?

In other words, can I just order the dual fans without a harness and use
either Caspers or Racetronix harness?

Can someone clear this up....please....
i would buy the caspers harness, no cutting or soldering is required, just plug in, i think it was about $60 shipped
Maybe one of you can help me. I posted in another thread, but nobody is responding. Ive got an 84 GN, and want to put the dual electric fans in it instead of this clutch driven turd.

The wiring that caspers has for an 84, is that for the ramchargers dual fan setup?
I got the racetronix harness along with all their other harnsess' and the quality is second to none.....

comes with quality relays and the wiring is heavy gauge...

highly recomend this part

fbodlovr said:
Do they have the wiring for an 84 GN though?

Our DFH is designed to be fairly universal in design.
You can special order some supplemental parts to make the DFH a fully stand-alone harness for 84-85 operation where ECM control is not available.

Please e-mail sales@racetronix.com with details of what you require.
fbodlovr said:
Ive got the 86 87 ecm though. So, NOW what wiring would I need?

The 86/87 ECM provides a pull-to-ground signal in order to activate the low-speed fan. The harnesses designed to work with the 86/87 cars will not work as they rely on a positive going signal to activate their relays.

Please contact sales@racetronix.com as we have some other products available to meet your requirements.