Dura-Bond cam bearings for 4.1


Jun 3, 2001
I can only find a part #B12 and B12B at the Dura-Bond site. No choice with the "T" at the end indicating coated bearings.
The B12B is "special oil control set"? Whats that?

Is this the case that there is no coated cam bearing option for the 14 bolt blocks?
Other than the headgaskets, rings, and pistons a 4.1 is the same as an 84-85 Hotair motor. Tell supliers you need something for an 85 Grand National. I have TA dualgroove Teflon bearings, just make sure they are for the early rather than later motors. I had to send my headstuds back after they sent me the ones for a 109.
49-blues said:
What was the correct part number for the dual groove bearings from TA?
TA-1559 is the part # for 14 bolt pan block @ $59.95. If you want them teflon coated they are $89.95 and # is TA-1559TEFLON.
I was either going to go with TA's or the Dura-Bond. I wanted to use the Dura-Bond coated but I dont think they have them for the 14 bolt blocks. At least did not show in their online catalog. Called them today but their Tech guy wasnt going to be back till Monday. The Dura-Bonds they do offer are part# B12 which you can get from Summit for $14.39. Still supposed to be very good but not coated. Didnt really want to pay $89.95 for cam bearings.
Not sure what Im going to do yet. Suggestions/opinions?
What bearings would be better if using a roller cam- would it make a difference?