Dyno Pull Methods


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Jun 10, 2005
I am interested in getting some baseline pulls and having had no experience with automatics, I am somewhat of a loss as to how I should go about making a run.

My previous experiences are on a 5 speed where we would make our pull in 3rd gear. How should one go for a pull with an automatic transmission. I figure under WOT it doesn't matter if you are in D or OD, the car should technically not shift beyond 3rd. Should the run begin once the card is in 3rd?
Keep in "D" but you also have to make sure it doesn't down shift to 2nd when you stomp on it.
I usually get it up to about 40-50mph and then gradually step on it, it will down shift for a second or 2 before it goes back to 3rd, then start the dyno. If someone else is operating the dyno be sure they know what you are going to do so they don't start it prematurely.
Where I go, I start and stop the dyno controller so there is no issue. If part of your run is in 2nd gear your numbers will be skewed high.