Anyone running these mufflers?
I am running dual 3'' flowmaster right now but I am thinking about changing over to a straight thru design.

Dynomax Performance 17220 - Dynomax Ultra Flo Welded Mufflers - Overview - SummitRacing.com

Why get a 'straight through design' such as dynomax's perforated cored muffler (I am not quoting you just the muffler companies) when you can just get the real deal straight through muffler with no core and no packing material? Flowmaster's Outlaw series takes care of that. Why pay @ full retail for a 50 year old design (talking about perforated core mufflers and resonators) when the 'straight through design' is about 40-50 years old. Flowmaster is the only company in the world, trust me I have looked, that has ANY type of new straight through muffler, not straight through designed. Why go anywhere else? American made, researched and designed Flowmaster baby! In summery Flowmaster has the latest in muffler technology, period. If ANYONE cares to find me ANY other company that doesn't use perforated cores for their mufflers or resonator, I am alllllll ears.

By the way the Outlaw mufflers reduces sound by only 2-3DBs from open headers, that's from flowmaster master!
I recently picked up another GN and that's the absolutely first thing I changed from a chambered muffler, Hookers. Always had flow-through mufflers, Dynomax, on my turbo v6's and other turbo cars. Just makes sense and they sound great and make awesome power. I just made just a bit over 500hp on 93 octane and alky through the mufflers. Mods in my sig.