E-85 in NC?


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Anyone know of any E-85 stations near the Fayetteville area?
2 stations close to me in Pinehurst no longer carry E-85.
Looks like the Chevy/Cadillac Dealership in Pinehurst carries E-85. They are closed today, but I will contact them tomorrow.
I tried contacting the Fayetteville Drag strip with no answer.
I looked online at the E-85 websites but they all have outdated information as I was calling around today.
Just wondering if anyone knew a station that wasn't listed.
Worst case scenario I will be driving to Erwin, NC about 35 miles from me once every 3 weeks. My wife would love that as the shopping outlets are near by.

Thanks guys,
I contacted Clarks Chevy and Cadillac dealership in Pinehurst. The Service Manager I spoke to said they stopped providing E85. He stated it just didn't do as well as they thought.
A couple of stations in Durham used to carry it. My wife's car will run on it so I was looking around for a source. Couldnt find it in Raleigh.
I think that we should all get a refund from the gov't. I brought my Tahoe based on the concept of a flex fuel vehicle. I bet that I ran two tanks of e85 thru the tank.
I drove last night after work to Erwin, NC to the Carlie C's Express gas station about 20 miles from my work.
E85 was $3.45, picked up 33 gallons.
E85 fuel tester is on order. Looks like Jegs is out of stock.