E85 Flex Fuel Sensor

Mike E

Mr. Badwrench
Leftover from my GN. I was thinking about using it on the new car, but decided to stick with pump gas.

It includes the pigtail and -8 fittings shown. If you want -6 fittings I can do that also. Used for 100 miles on my car.

$100 shipped.

I already bought all the parts.

First stage:
Big and little weld RTS's with MT radials
Heat exchanger
HX pump
HX ice tank
Cold air

Stage 2:
BTR stage 2 cam kit
ATI balancer with 9.5" lower pulley
1 7/8" headers and catted X

It should make ~650 to the tires like that.

It's fun as can be stock. I've had it 4 weeks and put 1200 miles on it and made 13 passes. That's more miles and passes than I had on my GN the whole 6 years I owned it. With just the rear tires and cold air on it, I've been 7.76@92 at my local track and won the quick 8 class my first night out.