E85 instead of 93


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Car exhaust smell is pretty bad. Looking to see if E85 is more exhaust friendly. Would putting one tank full of E85 in my 93 chipped GN do any harm?
I wouldn't go into more than 2-3psi boost
It would if the chip wasn't burned for E85... I do know first hand do not use gas with a car set-up for E85... EVEN FOR A FEW MIN... It will wash down the cyl's with pure gas.
At most a couple gallons of E85 blended into a full tank with 93.
If the car is too smelly rich you should be able to tune it run a bit leaner?
I know my engine is tired. I put a Magnaflow 200 cell hi flow cat on it and it really didn't help. I'll change out the O2 anyway. BLM's, and all other Scanmaster #'s, are good.
You will need to use the adjustment features in the TT chip to compensate for adding e85. I used to run a 50/50 mix of e85 and 93, by adding +15% more fuel at WOT to my TT chip that was burned for 93 octane. Switching to strait e85 will likely require more fuel than the chip can add. The 36lb injectors might be a bit small as well.
I was at the track one time and a car had a vanilla smell exhaust. It was weird but not too strong.
Fuel perfume, damn that's for us 100 octane and leaded fuel guys when we go on dates I guess. You smell nice, thanks it's Racin Raspberry. WTH

E85 is a better smell than 100 octane or higher that's for sure. I do back to back start ups over the winter between my 2 cars and my GTO on 100 octane will kill the closest room to my garage while GN on E77 (now like E40) doesn't do much at all.
A friend of mine made " biodiesel " from cooking oil he got from a couple of burger joints . He would run it in his 3500 dually pulling a 42' trailer with his Super Gas dragster & golf cart . He said it smelled like french fries when idling !!
I used a qt of nitro to 10 gallons of methanol in my jr fuel ft engine rail.
Drove the starting line guys nutz!