Easy Oil Leak Question


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Jan 20, 2002
I thought the hoses on the turbo saver were leaking.....Wrong. It is leaking between the block and the piece that takes the oil to the cooler in the radiator. What part am I going to need to fix this? I'm hoping it is an O-ring. I assume all I do is remove the turbo saver, disconnect the lines going to the cooler, then remove the piece that takes the oil to the cooler. Replace whatever gasket/O-ring is there, then put it back together. Anyone have this one before? mo
If it starts p!ssing oil real bad and you just can't get the o-ring (on the side of the road:D ) you can use the gasket off of an oil filter. I mean, I heard that somewhere........:cool:
Go to your nearest Gm dealer and ask for part # 25530999 they are still available because they are used on many chevy and gmc trucks fro their oil cooler as well. pick up a few as they tend to leak about every few oil changes. they key to not getting it to leak is to not overtighten the oil filter when changing the oil.
Thanks for the advice. Picked up the part today and will go to work on the leak next week. Thanks. mo
Oil Leak is fixed for now. Thanks for the help. I ended up needing a new O ring for the turbo saver kit, Fel-Pro #35617. Used for a Ford Truck V-6:eek: . Thanks. mo