ECM Code


Oct 28, 2001
I am getting a code 31, which I believe has something to do with the wastegate solenoid. Oddly enough, this code started happening after I tried to lockup the TCC by shorting A&F on the ALDL. Anyone seen this problem before or know what's going on here? I have since removed the shorting wire, but now the SES light comes on every time I drive it. It will be out after I turn the ignition off and back on, but within a few minutes, it's back on and stays on until I turn the key off again. Tried resetting ECM, no luck. This is a new solenoid.

Oh yeah, my TCC doesn't work at all, never has.
Make sure the WG sol. Plug is clean, and on the solinoid TIGHT!

If that dosen't work I would follow the wire to the main wiring harness...just to make sure it didnt get burnt on any hot motor parts.

Another thing you could do is test the solinoid....take it off, and put 12 V to it... + on one side..- on the other...the solinoid should click, or make a small noise..if it dosen't...its dead!

While you put the power to it try to breath thru one of the vac ports...Then..take the power off and see if you notice any change....

(There should be a change..I forget exactly how it is, but toying with the power should open and close the sol., and this will let you breath thru it clearly on one of the ports, and when you put the power on or off not be able to get any air thru it at all)
:confused: So you think the TCC is totally unrelated? This would seem to be the case, but just seems awful funny that I never had a solenoid code until I tried locking the TCC...oh well, don't know. If anybody has a suggestion, let me know.
My 84 T Type just threw a code 31, too. But the SES light never came on. I just checked it with my scan tool for kicks and there it was. I disconnected the battery to clear it and it hasn't reapppeared- yet.