ECM connections corroded/broken


May 26, 2001
Car: 1986 Turbo Regal.
The 16 pin male connector (the longer of the two) in the ECM is badly corroded and pin #16 (upper left) is actually rusted through, broken off (see picture), and stuck in the wiring harness hole for pin #16. The question is, if I take the cover off the computer, can I replace the pin set or maybe just the one pin? I'm not sure I want to take it apart, but will if it's doable. The next question is how do I get the broken pin out of the wiring harness? Can I take that apart and push the pin out through the wire side? Hmmm.

The wiring harness is easy. You just depress the lock on the pin and pull it out the back of the connector. The top of the ECU is way more difficult. I took one (whole connector) off a while back. It wasn't bad for me but I have access to professional equipment. Without a good solder sucker, equipment to remove conformal coating, and a good temp controlled iron it would probably just end up a mess as I don't remember that connector being designed to have individual pins replaced. If you want to try it you might be able to do an individual pin by just pulling the pin out the back of the connector with some heat and then epoxying in a new one but it'll depend on how good you are at that kind of stuff. It'll be a real pain if that pin is on the board side of the connector. Another option would be to put a jumper wire with a disconnect off of the board and pull the pin from the connector and splice a disconnect on there.

edit: where are you located?
The whole connector needs replacing. I don't know if they are available new. I have replaced them by getting a doner computer from the bone yard and transferring the connector. The cable end is easy to change the pins. By the looks of computer I would replace the entire cable end also.
I would just get a new ECM for $100 or less shipped used here in parts wanted & call Caspers for new connectors. Cut the wires soldier & heat shink you are done.
I ordered a reman unit. Get it tomorrow. We'll see how that works out. I figured if it was so rusty that it was steel and copper corroding that I was better off just replacing the thing. Oh, and in answer to BlackBandit, I'm located in Missouri.