ECM mods for low impedance injectors


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May 24, 2001
Getting ready for spring. Thought I would put these on special.

I will have 5 sets to sell at this price. 125.00 shipped. (normally 150.00). I can ship to Canada, but it costs an extra 20.00.

I mod your ECM: You send it, I mod it and return it to you. Please pick a decent ECM, make sure it runs correctly and does not have corrosion in the main plug. Clean Junkyard pulls are preferred, based on spotty quality remans I have seen over the years. I will clean the connector for the Powerlogger while its here, but you need to let me know you want this.

Specify Atomizer injectors or "standard". (this is a question of the specific impedance of the injector, the Moran Atomizers are available with 1.8 ohm impedance which require a slightly different mod.)

Sale starts NOW. Paypal is, paypal to reserve yours. Once these 5 are sold, I will edit this notice.

Sent! Thanks

I already have your Powerlogger installed on my ecu, do i have to remove that before sending it to you?
You can leave it in the ECM if you want. Just be sure to pad the ecm well when packing it up.

Bringing this back to the top, I managed to find 3 sets of correct drivers. So I can do 3 ecms. Price is 150.00 shipped in the US to mod your ecm.

PM or post in this thread.


Ok, 3 guys PM'd me today, so that finishes this.
I will answer the 3 guys this evening.