ECM mods for low impedance injectors


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May 24, 2001
Commerce Township, Michigan
Getting ready for spring. Thought I would put these on special.

I will have 5 sets to sell at this price. 125.00 shipped. (normally 150.00). I can ship to Canada, but it costs an extra 20.00.

I mod your ECM: You send it, I mod it and return it to you. Please pick a decent ECM, make sure it runs correctly and does not have corrosion in the main plug. Clean Junkyard pulls are preferred, based on spotty quality remans I have seen over the years. I will clean the connector for the Powerlogger while its here, but you need to let me know you want this.

Specify Atomizer injectors or "standard". (this is a question of the specific impedance of the injector, the Moran Atomizers are available with 1.8 ohm impedance which require a slightly different mod.)

Sale starts NOW. Paypal is, paypal to reserve yours. Once these 5 are sold, I will edit this notice.



Feb 11, 2018
Sent! Thanks

I already have your Powerlogger installed on my ecu, do i have to remove that before sending it to you?