ECM prom cover and screws needed


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May 25, 2001
So I ordered a reman ECM from rockauto and received it without the metal cover and two screws. I'm not sure why they wouldn't keep it with the casing but I have to find one and the screws. The core I got from someone doesn't have it either and I don't have the original ECM.
Are these available from any one?? Thanks
Your garage or Home Depot for the screws.

Cover? If no one has a spare, make one.
no one I knew back when ran a cover. swapping chips was pretty rampant back then.
as above a wrecking yard and hope for some 80s vehicles to hit up.
Yea maybe I'm being too anal about it. I won't worry about now and if I come across one fine, if not so be it. Thanks
Cut one out of an old piece of aluminum gutter, round the corners, sand it with 600 grit sandpaper, drill two holes, voila.
There is a shit load of these various ECM's on E-Bay for $15 you could pull the Plate & Screws from. I know exactly what you mean by " I prefer the OEM cover ". :cool: Here is a link: ECM
So why does the reman ecm have a metal plate just under the one screw hole? I know both screws for the cover should be the same length but on the one side there is a bar or metal tab that is keeping the screw from going in. On the junk computer I got from the wrecking yard both are the same length screws so they both go in without interference. Not sure why the rockauto reman unit is different. Anyone ever have trouble like this?
Yes the screws are different lengths -
the screws for the Case are 3/8" (6 each)
the screws for the Chip Cover are 1/4" (2 each)


The shorter screw will just barely hit the metal bar. Never bought a reman from Rock Auto ( the picture above is an remanufactured 87 ECM #01227148 ) and it does have a metal bar under the Chip Cover hole.
I'll check my stash. I think I have a spare cover I got from a yard years ago. Measure your opening and we will verify I have is what you need. Where are you located - city - state.

May be a bit before I reply.

Thanks, Craig