ECM #'s

Laredo GN

Jan 4, 2002
I would like to thank Noncooler & Cool84 for answering my tread:

Tomorrow I will get some numbers for you to see if you can help me to find out which ECM I do have. I seen it and it states that it has been reconditioned, I remember mine did not have the recondition sticker on it (I remember very well). The car pulls very strong but once I hear the knocking I let go immediately. What type of knock sensor do you guys recomend and how can I wire it up. I am new at this I have been reading all the treads to educate myself on this little 6 cilinder but I am no mechanic, I am doing the best I can, but it is like running blinfold. I will buy the knock sensor and the sacnmaster. Tomorrow I will have some numbers (whatever I can find) in the ECM. Yesterday I pulled the thermostat out and replace it with a 160, the one it had was 195 and here in Laredo, Texas the average temperature in the summer is about 100. I am going to take out the fan and install some kind of electric, what do you guys recomend. THANK-YOU for your replies I NEED all the help I can get from experts like you. Also my fuel pressure regulator is at about 55 line on, because if I lower it to 45 line on it will not move fast enough, or maybe my regulator is no good. At 45 pounds at WOT the gauge does not go past 50 and if I set it at 55 it will go to about 75 at WOT.:cool:
The 87 ECM # is 1227148
Definitely have a fuel related prob. Would explain your knocking problem.
Could very well be a bad FP regulator.
WOT fuel pressure should be:static setting plus boost pressure. example: static 42 + boost 18 = 60 @ WOT.
You have way too much FP, need to set it with the vacuum line OFF around 42#'s to start and then put the vacuum line back on.
Like stated earlier you need a chip to match the ECM and injectors you have.