ECM w/ Power Logger, Scanmaster G, Innovate LC1 Wb w/ gauge


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May 19, 2014
I ordered the new FAST Sportsman so will not be needing these electronics. All still on the car and in perfect working order. I'll remove as soon as Cal tells me the Fast has shipped. Projected at the end of this week.

All prices shipped to Lower 48 States. Paypal accepted and preferred. If not sending as F&F add fees on your end.

1) Stock ECM with Powerlogger mounted to board. Also has aux input block. All paperwork manuals included. You'll have to software though. SOLD!

2) Scanmaster G. Software update preformed to see the right connection for Bluetooth to work. SOLD!

3)Grey pillar single gauge pod $15 if purchasing the Scanmaster G too.

4) Innovate LC-1 Wideband with Gauge. Also has an extra, brand new 02 sensor. The pig tail plug in connectors to daisy chain to multiple sensors have been cut off. Only affects things IF you planned on daisy chaining multiple sensors to Innovate Controller. Otherwise works perfectly. SOLD!
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Pics of gauges on.


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Scanmaster G is SOLD.

Thank you guys. Everything will be pulled and shipped out as soon as I get comfirmation FAST shipped.