Want to add a Innovate WB O2 Controller Kit? Can my SM G be used for the gauge?? Problems?

Tim Cucci

May 24, 2001
Looking at the Innovate 3884 or 3887 controller kit? I’m trying to avoid adding another gauge in the car? I’ve got a Scanmaster G and TT chip already. It looks like I can just use the SM G for the read out maybe. Is this as simple as wiring from the controller to the Scanmaster and then tuning with the WB? Reading the Scanmaster as a gauge?
You will need the powerlogger(PL) to read the WB. The WB controller analog output will go to the PL aux board, then the serial out from the PL aux board to the scanmaster G in place of the ALDL serial connection. The PL and scanmaster instructions will have the details.
I never got the Innovate LC2 to work right when I ran a PL. I would look at other O2 widebands.