Want to add a Innovate WB O2 Controller Kit? Can my SM G be used for the gauge?? Problems?


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Oct 1, 2001
Have to replace #6 Exh Valve spring on the car. with AC Box still intact

GN1 Heads with TD Shaft Rocker setup. what is the best tool to use is these tight qrts being back of the motor and AC Box??

Do I need a special tool with the TD Shaft rocker set up? Do I have to remove all the rockers or just the two for # 6 Cylinder??

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I see Cotton;s offers a tool

and so does Proform P/n 66784.

Will either of these work as the TD's have a different set up than stock rockers

Someone else will have to chime in on the fitment for TD rockers, but I have both tools, if you want to borrow one or the other or both, you pay shipping there and back from Phoenix.

I loaned the Cottons type to 1984 t-type and got it back just this Tuesday.
neither of those work with T+D jesel style
the one you need is jesel remover Jesel Valve Spring Removal Tools TOL-29250

worked good on my isk dual springs but i did need to open the holes a little to fit the shaft over the studs on buick heads and had to bend the handle a little to get the #5 springs due to a vacuum brake booster
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